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The idea behind Gematria is that numerical equivalence is not coincidental. Jewish mystics teach that the Hebrew language was created by God Himself. Since the world was created with the Hebrew letters of the language, each letter represents a different creative force. Therefore, their suggestion that Gematria has ability to connect seemingly unrelated topics is at least intriguing. 

Every letter in Hebrew has a numerical value. (א=1, ב=2, ג=3). Let’s take the Jacob’s dream story, for example. The ladder with ascending and descending angels is pronounced in Hebrew as sulam (סֻלָּם) and is better translated as a ramp. It has a numerical value of 130 : ס(samekh)=60, ל(lamed)=30, מ(mem)=40. The Hebrew word for Mt. Sinai (סיני), has the same numerical value, although it is made up of different letters all together. Hence, one interpretation of Jacob's ladder could be that it is related to the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai.