It is considered that Buddhist saint Padmasambhava was a founder of one of the major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. In his prophecy, he brightly described our time. By the way, the prophecy has much in common with Islamic descriptions of Imam Mahdi.

    “...the teaching of victorious Buddha Śākyamuni will fall into decay. Monasteries will be filled with married men, temples will turn into military shelters, and main monastery halls will be turned into slaughter rooms. Hermits will be driven from mountains to valleys. Great contemplators will start sowing cereals, and meditators will enrich themselves materially. Monks will have wives, and noble spiritual counsellors will become robbers and burglars. Discord will rise like a wind. Dissensions and disturbances will take place in central districts. Sages will become military leaders, spiritual counsellors will fight, whereas noble nuns will start killing children... 

    People will wear different unpaired clothes. Noble spiritual counsellors will dress up, and nuns will spend their time in front of the mirror. Protecting themselves, people will rely on weapons and mix poison into meals. Sages and teachers will start teaching bad things. Rulers will not be able to master their own mind. People will lose modesty and shame, women will lose power over their bodies... New [will spread] every year, and people will wear new ornaments and clothes. Commoners will start delivering the teaching. Female speeches will be full of arrogance. Liars will give blessings. Deceivers will occupy the place of great contemplators. Chatterboxes and phrasemongers will be called wise. Men will violate vows and take pride in that. Slaves will start ruling the country, and kings will turn into slaves. Cruel executioners will become leaders. Terrible sinners will be considered people’s defenders... Ordinary people will put on noble silk clothing, while high spiritual counsellors will wear Mongolian clothes. Savages killing people will wear light-red clergy cloaks. People will start learning false invocations with diligence. Trade and trickery will be regarded as one and the same thing. Various deceitful books will be composed and published. Buddha’s orders will be doubted. Good customs will be forgotten, while evil deeds and bad behaviour will become habitual.

    Thus, human beings will follow the wrong path. Adhering to bad deeds and behaviour, they will forget bygone faith keepers and cease to defend faith and serve it. One by one bad years will come with famine and fodder shortage. Demons and evil spirits will fall into terrible rage, therefore human and animal diseases will spread like fire and multiply to such an extent that it won’t be possible to count all disease names. The earth will start shaking unexpectedly, floods, fires and hurricanes will spread. Temples, stupas and cities will be ruined in a flash...

    This will be the time when people in India will die of starvation, and people in Nepal will die of infectious and other diseases. (In other countries there will be) earthquakes, infectious diseases, epidemics, famine, land chasms, landslides. On five tops of Tibet, three impregnable fortresses will appear. This will be the time when in Mon canyons saints will lie in hiding in bears’ lairs, when in the country of Kham two Suns will rise, and a king will suddenly die in China... (Conflicts and wars will take place everywhere.)... This will be the time when believers will have neither rights nor power, while nonbelievers who have lost conscience will predominate; sages and learned monks will become public leaders, commoners will be chiefs, will preach and give blessings. This will be the time when, defending virtue, people will expect awards… And this will indicate the time has come to correct what is destroyed. Then there should appear a person who possesses happiness and good fortune, who will set aside thoughts of the age and correct what is destroyed, with great desire and conviction.”

    “In the future, after fifty generations, when one hundred and one signs of the bad time appear, (a great man) ... [in power] benevolence [will get] a miraculous birth and appear from the clearest Sun in the upper part. His parents will be teachers from Tarnich family, [her will be born] in the year of the pig (e.g.., 1923). He will possess great mind, outstanding courage and broad knowledge... Owing to righteous desires [pronounced] in previous times and good deeds [of the past], since his childhood he will be imbued with great faith and respect to the Three Treasures, body temples and abodes, speech and thoughts, mercy to blind and beggarly living creatures, veneration for great courage and deep thinking of noble followers of Mahāyāna (the Great Vehicle). He will get the power to undertake ferocious deeds, become famous as a violent and wrathful [defender of faith]; he will firmly rely on guardian spirits, listen to orders of geniuses, defenders and protectors of religion, serving them with vows; he will never draw back from the Sovereign, possessing the power of faith and ferocity [towards enemies]...”

    “When everybody desires to get rid of sufferings, a man [will appear], blessed by me and full of aspiration to save people; he will spare neither his body, nor life. With great diligence he will urge all living creatures in various countries to virtue. Then all honest people will need to turn their thoughts in one direction and help that man. However, at that time all living creatures will be captured by the demon of false ideas, therefore only few will show him trust and respect, and the number of such people equal to the number of stars by day. Nonetheless, one hundred thirty thousand of those doing white deeds, six thousand of those deeply praying, one hundred and eight people educated in [respect] to vows, sixteen diligent charity-givers, [and] seven women, [altogether]: twenty three, and also reincarnations of the eight Bodhisattvas – eight teachers, twenty five faithful young men, five reincarnations of Dakini, seven of those who obtained blessing from Dakini, twenty five women from noble families, who have all gained human birth, will eliminate all obstacles and difficulties... He will commence the great affair: restoration of ruins When this is fulfilled, good times will set in... All obstacles on the way to learning guidelines and accomplishments will vanish, and the teaching will be widely spread. Life of all saints who follow the teaching will be long, and their deeds will be great... At that, generations of all black destructors, demons and evil spirits, who have brought devastation, will be eradicated. In a word, all living creatures who support restoration will gain pure flesh and a face of god or human in three kins of living creatures and eventually become Buddhas. Everyone who treats that man with trust, respect and distinction, or who rejoices together with him as with the restorer of ruins, will among sensible in seven births. All living creatures who see with their eyes, hear with their ears and ingrain this great restorer of ruins in their heart, will eradicate the filth of bad deeds accumulated during 60,000 great kalpas (aeons). All those who join the man taking care of restoration of ruins, depending on their smaller or greater respect and faith towards him, will gain superior or miraculous abilities and eventually find their place by my side, in superior lands.

    Yet, the entire extent of virtue of that Buddha of three eras and ten parts of the world has not been measured for as long as 100,000 kalpas, because benefactions of a divine being are beyond words.”